What We Do

Amir interviews hundreds of exceptional young adults each year, and identifies the candidate(s) who will be best suited to each camps’ needs. Partner camps make the final decision on their hires, and Farmers become integrated employees working for the camp.

Amir’s greatest expertise lies in training young adults to be outstanding garden educators. Through our week-long training program and curriculum developed by experienced environmental educators, our Farmer(s) comes prepared to build a beautiful garden and run impactful programming.

Starting with a site assessment for new camps, our staff helps your camp prepare for the upcoming summer season. We put together crop orders that are appropriate for your camp’s climate, and work with local nurseries to ensure your camp’s plants arrive without a hitch. Our experienced team works with camp leadership to ensure that their full vision for the garden comes to life. We maintain detailed information about your camp’s garden, enabling the program to improve each year even if the garden staff turns over.

The Amir Farm is a beautiful space that holds a special place in the hearts of campers and staff. Let us know if you’d like to speak to one of our partner camps’ Directors to hear how the farm has impacted their community.

Our Principles

Amir’s garden and farm projects are community-building spaces. We strive to build our own community based on principles of inclusion and justice, and our Farmers bring that energy to our partner camps. Our mission and educational content is built from the starting point of communal strength.

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At Amir, we believe that learning should be active. We empower youth by feeding curiosity and encouraging creativity. These values strengthen the communities we serve, helping to build a culture of personal responsibility, mutual respect, and social activism.

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Amir Farmers teach principles of equality and compassion. Through learning in the garden, we explore the strength of biodiversity and the common bond of environmental conservation. Farm On is more than a slogan; it’s a call to action!