What’s a typical day in the life of an Amir Farmer?

Amir Farmers run programming for 3 - 5 hour(ish) blocks throughout the day. Small groups of campers (typically 5 - 15) will come to the farm where you will run educational programming and get your hands dirty! If your camp has animals, you will be waking up early to feed them. Farmers typically have a few hours free during the day for farm maintenance, program planning, and relaxation. At most of our camps, the evenings are free for farm staff. Days off are determined by the camp - typically one day a week.

When and where is the Training Seminar? Is attendance required?

This year, the Training Seminar will be held at Herzl Camp, one of our longest-standing Farm partners, in Webster, Wisconsin during the last week of May. In addition, our Senior Staff training (for Farm Managers and Mentors) will be held at the same location during the 3rd week in May. These training sessions are central to your success - and they’re a lot of fun! - so barring significant extenuating circumstances attendance is mandatory. All travel expenses are covered to both the Seminar and Camp.

What jobs do you offer?

Amir is recruiting for two positions - Farm Manager and Farmer. Farm Managers lead a team of 2-3 Farmers at one of our largest sites, overseeing program development, animal husbandry and a sizable organic farm. Farmers are either the single garden educator at one of our camps, or work under the supervision of a Farm Manager as part of a Farm cohort. They develop and run programming and manage the garden with the help of campers and staff.

What is the application process?

Once you finish your application, you will schedule an interview with our Director of Recruitment. A second interview may be held with our Director of Operations. If accepted, you will be introduced to one of our partner camps, who will hold a final interview. Our camps make the final decision on their hiring. We may introduce you to multiple camps for interviews depending on their needs and your experience.

What will I gain from this experience?

Amir Farmers begin the summer with all levels of gardening and educational experience. Through our training and summer-long oversight, Farmers become social justice educators with a strong base of farming knowledge. Our alumni have gone on to work in environmental education, community organizing, food system education, Americorps, Peace Corps, and many other related fields.